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Section 47 of the Immigration Act 2014 amended the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 to provide a power for the Secretary of State (in practice the Driver Vehicle Authority (DVA) in Northern Ireland and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) in the rest of the UK) to revoke UK issued driving licences where the holder is subject to immigration control and has no leave to be in the UK. Both full licences and provisional licences may be revoked.

In practice, revocation will follow a referral made by the Home Office’s Interventions and Sanctions Directorate (ISD) to DVLA or DVA.

ISD make the referral when their records show that the individual in question is illegally present in the UK. Before making the referral, ISD will write to the individual to tell them:

  • they are at risk of having their UK driving licence revoked
  • who to contact in ISD if they believe their licence should not be revoked

How we can help you

Should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you have received a letter from the DVLA informing you that your licence will be revoked you should contact us for our expert and honest advice.

We treat all letters regarding drivers licences sent by the DVLA as urgent matters so as soon as you call us you will be put through to our solicitors to start working on your matter right away.

Contact us now so we can start collating all of the information from you responding to the warning letters and the revocation letters sent by the DVLA on behalf of the Home Office have strict deadlines within which time you must provide a well prepared case.

If you have found yourself in trouble with the DVLA who are going to revoke your licence or have already done so then contact us to put you through to an expert team who deal with Immigration Related Drivers Licence Revocations.

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