Home Office Fines

Received a Home Office fine for employing an illegal worker or renting your property without doing the right checks?

There is still time to fight the penalty issued on you or your business.

Did you know the Home Office Fines imposed £millions worth of fines on small and large business in the UK?

Our solicitors have successfully challenged fines imposed by the Home Office over the years so that you can carry on with your business or rent your property out without being unfairly penalised for it.

Whilst it may cost you almost everything if you do nothing about the fine it will cost you nothing to call us right away so we can start fighting your corner so you have a fair chance to provide your explanation to the penalty department at the Home Office.

Many fines which are imposed are dealt with early on in the proceedings, the longer you leave it the more the fine will increase and effect you.

How we can help you

Should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you have received a fine from the Home Office you should contact us for our expert and honest advice.

We treat all fines imposed by the Home Office as urgent matters so as soon as you call us you will be put through to our solicitors to start working on your matter right away.

Contact us now so we can start collating all of the information from you as fines imposed by the Home Office have strict deadlines within which time you must provide a well prepared case.

Being able to respond to the allegations and fines can help you with either not having to pay a penny or even having the fine amount decreased.

Or alternatively call one of our team members now on:

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