FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS – Following MM (Lebanon) & Ors [2017] UKSC 10 it is possible to apply to enter the UK while relying on third party support. If you need to make an application for your spouse and do not meet the £18,600 requirement please call us to discuss your circumstances and see how we can help.

Spouse Visa Application


Spouse/Partner visa allows you to bring your non – EEA national spouse/partner to the UK, whether you are married or in a civil partner relationship.

To make a successful spouse visa application, applicant must meet the requirements under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules.

Spouse visa requirements

Some of the requirements include:

Applicant’s Partner must be British, Settled or a Refugee in the UK Applicant and the Partner must be over the age of 18
The couple must be legally married Applicant and the Partner must intend to live together permanently
Have enough money to support themselves Salary of £18,600 or Profit from Self-Employment, if neither then Savings
Suitable Accommodation to live in Satisfy the English Language Requirement
Meet Entry Clearance requirements TB Test for certain countries
Evidence of Subsisting Relationship Meet Eligibility Requirements

Once you have satisfied the criteria for the relevant visa under the Immigration Rules (including suitability, relationship, financial and English language requirements), you will then be given initial visa for 30 months which will allow you to work without restriction in the UK and you may also exit and re-enter the country multiple times. At the end of the 30 months visa If you continue to meet all the requirements you can apply to stay for a further 30 months.

After being on the spousal visa for a total of five years, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK. You must submit proof to the Home Office that you have been living together for that time, after which you may be eligible to apply for ILR.

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