EU Settled Scheme Application – Limited Leave to Remain – Immigration Solicitors Birmingham. Our client had instructed us to assist him with his application as a EU National’s Family Member who had entered the UK just before Brexit. He had initially found us after being recommended to us as one of the best Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham. Our client had initially entered the UK as a Family Member of an EEA National but after entering the UK the family found an opportunity which led to the EU National finding employment in the UK. This thereafter meant that our client needed to regularise his status asRead More →

EEA Permanent Residence – Retained Rights – Successful Appeal  Our client had instructed us in order to help him with his EEA Permanent Residence on the basis of his residence in the UK under the Surinder Singh Route.  Brief Background:  Entered the UK under the Surinder Singh Route;  Divorce initiated after 3 years of marriage and over 1 year of living together in the UK;  Permanent Residence Applied on the basis of 5 years residence in the UK which included a period of residence under Retained Rights;  Application Rejected because former Spouse’s Passport was not provided;  Application submitted again and then Refused because of theRead More →

settled and pre settled status

Settled and pre-settled status for EU citizens is the latest development, which has been issued by the Home Office on 31 August 2018. Apply for UK Visa in Birmingham an expert Immigration Solicitors Firm in Birmingham are pleased to give you some guidance on what this means and how we can help you if you are someone that needs this. What does this mean for me? If you are an EEA National who is in the UK you and your family will be able to either get a settlement status or a pre-settled status. In brief it means you can stay in the UK afterRead More →