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In accordance with the SRA Transparency Rules we have provided below a list of our costs for the application types which we assist in.

Last Updated: 25 November 2021

At Apply for UK Visa we offer a Professional Service with Reasonable Costs.

All of our Fees are Excluding VAT where VAT is Applicable.

We note that not everyone is in a position to pay their fees in one which is why we do from time to time offer a repayment plan for our clients.

Our Fees cover all of the work we do for you unless expressly stated otherwise until your decision is received.

The Fees in the tables below are for our Legal Fees, any Disbursements / Payments to Third Parties are not included – you will be advised of these in advance and when you contact us.

Spouse / Partner Entry Clearance Applications:

Fees Start from: £700

Further Leave to Remain Applications (Extensions):

Fees Start from: £700

Indefinite Leave to Remain Applications (All types):

Fees Start from: £700

EU Settled Scheme Applications:

Fees Start from: £400

Visitor Visa Applications (All types):

Fees Start from: £600

Asylum Claims:

Fees Start From £1800

Naturalisation and Registration Applications (All types):

Fees Start from: £600

Student Visa Applications:

Fees Start from: £500

Administrative Reviews:

Fees Start from: £600

Immigration Appeals – 3 Stages:

Fees Start from: £500 per stage

Notice of Hearing – £500

Appeal Skeleton Argument – £800

Appeal Hearing: £800 plus Counsel Fees

Judicial Review Claim:

Fees Start from: £3000

Some of our Fees listed are Subject to Change which will be published on our Website and confirm the date from which these are applicable. If you have received a quote for fees prior to the change and or have instructed us prior to the change you will be liable for the fees agreed on instructing us.

Please note that we charge an additional fee for each Dependent in an Application which you may wish to file. We have listed these as comprehensively as possible and are due to update these for your reference. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

All Disbursement Payments and Payments to Third Parties such as DHL, FedEx, Translator and Barristers or Expert Witnesses are NOT included in the Fees above.

We will always provide you with an alternative price if you wish to compare costs for Third Party Costs and will always endeavour to find the best possible price for you where reasonably practical for us.

Barrister Fees vary according to Case Types, Venues for Hearings and Preparation Time therefore these need to be taken into consideration when you receive your Barrister Fees Cost for Representation.

Where the fee quoted is a fixed fee, it is on the basis that the matter does not become unnecessarily complicated or protracted in which case we reserve the right to charge a further fee.

The fixed fees include your initial advice, the advice on the documents and information required and consideration of this evidence and documents whilst preparing your case. Preparation and filing of the work you require and correspondence with the Home Office or Tribunals until the decision on the application or appeal is made.

You will not be charged separately for such items as letters, telephone calls, etc, however we may need to charge you for particular expenses such as International Couriers. Our fees do not include payments required to be made to third parties and we will always endeavour to inform our clients in advance, should such payments be necessary. To enable us to keep our prices low for all clients, our fixed fee is agreed on the understanding it is payable in full regardless of whether, in the case of an appeal, it proceeds to a full appeal hearing or not.

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