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Judicial Review Claims

Judicial Review is a procedure in which the Judges examine and review the decision(s) of a public body, for example, Home Office, and consider whether that public body followed the law or not. 

What are Judicial Review Claims for?​

Judicial Review Claim is a remedy which is considered a last resort if you have no right of appeal against a decision which the Home Office has made.


With the Government successfully removing all but Human Rights Grounds for appeals, sometimes you may find that you have no other option but to challenge the decision made by the Home Office. 


This leaves people like you in a very difficult position. A Judicial Review Claim may be the only remedy available to you and this is the single most difficult part of the Immigration process in the UK.

How can we help you with your Judicial Review Claims?

At Apply for UK Visa we have vast experience in successfully fighting decisions made by the Home Office by way of a Judicial Review Claim and getting our clients the desired result that they need to remain with their family or friends in the UK.

Our solicitors can help you from the start of your claim through to the part where you are getting the result that you need. This includes complying with the pre-action protocol and also filing your claim at the Upper Tribunal in the UK to challenge an immigration decision.


The work put in just does not end there...


A key part of a Judicial Review Claim is negotiating an outcome with the Home Office's representatives the Government Legal Department to get the case decided in your favour.


Contact our team now to get a full breakdown of what is involved with a Judicial Review Claim and how you can benefit from having our team on your side.

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