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Success Story - Family Life Parent Route Application – Indefinite Leave to Remain Application

Our client is a national of Bangladesh who resides in Manchester and has always entrusted Naveed Abraham at Apply for UK Visa for his visa matters since 2013.

Our client instructed us to apply for his Indefinite Leave to Remain Application following completion of his 5 years as a person who has been in the UK as a parent of a British citizen child.

Our Solicitors at Apply for UK Visa helped our client by advising him and assisting him in staying indefinitely in the UK so that he can continue to maintain contact with his son and continue the life which has established for himself in the UK.

Successful Parent Route ILR Application by Apply for UK Visa – Immigration Solicitors

With years of experience in dealing with these applications which are filed online using the form SET (M) we advised our client on the documents which he would need for his application.

After compiling the relevant documents we submitted our client’s application and uploaded all of his documents ahead of his appointment at the UKVCAS appointment centre in Manchester.

We made the whole process smooth for our client and ensured that at all stages our client understood what we are doing and why. We also helped our client with informing his employer that his right to work will continue even after the filing of his application so that he does not lose his job and made sure that our client felt we were by his side throughout the time that he was waiting for his decision.

We initially ensured that the client was advised of the correct documents that he will need to provide with his application as this was an application to be made whilst relying on the Immigration Rules and highlighting the best interest of the child attached to the application.

We then prepared our client’s case and ensured that all of his documents and information was presented in his application form and that it is in accordance with the relevant parts of the immigration rules which are:

  • Section R-ILRPT: Requirements for indefinite leave to remain (settlement) as a parent

  • Section E-ILRPT: Eligibility for indefinite leave to remain as a parent

The Result - Family Life Parent Route Application – Indefinite Leave to Remain Application

Our client was finally granted his indefinite leave to remain in the UK after having spent 60 months in the UK under the Parent Route and was ecstatic that he had finally settled in the UK so that he can now concentrate on building on his own life.

We take great pride in being the Best Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham and act for clients even if they are in a different country or city.

With this client we have shown that once our clients instruct us they do not leave as we are always available for the service which others cannot provide no matter how hard they try.

If you or someone you know needs an Immigration Solicitor who can help and guide with their parent route indefinite leave to remain application, you can contact us for help now.



If you need to speak to an expert to help in your matter you should call us now, it costs nothing to call us as we are waiting to help you.

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