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Immigration Appeal - Apply for UK Visa

Immigration Appeals

If you have been refused a visa application or an extension to stay in the UK application, you can challenge the decision of the Home Office by the way of an appeal, appeals can be made on refusals with in the UK, or overseas, depending on the nature of the refusal.

Immigration Appeals deadline?​

For an appeal from within the UK, you will normally have 14 days to lodge an appeal to the Tribunal, if you have been given the right of appeal after you receive the notice of decision, unless you are in immigration custody, in which case you must appeal within seven days.


If you are outside the UK, and are appealing against a refusal to grant a visa to come to the UK, you have 28 days to appeal.


If you have not been given the right of appeal against the refusal of your application, in those cases you maybe be able to challenge the decision by the way Judicial Review in the High Court.

How can we help you?

At Apply for UK Visa we will provide professional legal advice and present your immigration appeal to the First Tier Tribunal against decisions of the Home Office, as well as appeals to the Upper Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court against decisions of lower courts in immigration cases.


Our team of UK immigration Solicitors will provide professional representation in relation to every aspect of pursuing a UK Immigration appeal, including:

  • Advice as to the virtues of appealing against Home Office decisions

  • Drafting grounds of appeal to the First – Tier Tribunal

  • Preparation of appeal bundles for immigration hearings

  • Representation at hearings

  • Drafting applications for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal

  • Representing at Immigration Appeal hearings before Upper Tribunal

  • Drafting applications for permission to appeal and representation in Immigration Appeals before High Court


We can provide you with expert advice on requirements of the Immigration Rules, Home Office policies and case law. With excellent service in notice of appeals, grounds of appeals, applications for permission to appeal, assistance with drafting comprehensive witness statements for both appellants and witnesses in immigration appeal proceedings.


For help to prepare you appeal contact us to speak directly to a qualified solicitor.

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If you need to speak to an expert to help in your matter you should call us now, it costs nothing to call us as we are waiting to help you.

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