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Do you need a spouse visa for your life partner to enter the UK?

At Apply for UK Visa we understand the strains and difficulties that can arise after your dream wedding to have your Spouse join you here in the UK.

Do you need a spouse visa for life partner to enter the UK

Our firm of Immigration Solicitors is here to help and guide you through the process to ensure that your application is correctly completed and accompanied by the right documents to get that successful entry clearance visa.

If it is an extension that you need we can help with that too!

Basic requirements for Spouse Visa Application in the UK

Currently the basic requirements are for entry clearance and extension applications that:

Applicant’s Partner must be British, Settled or a Refugee in the UK

Applicant and the Partner must be over the age of 18

The couple must be legally married

Applicant and the Partner must intend to live together permanently

Have enough money to support themselves

Salary of £18,600 or Profit from Self-Employment, if neither then Savings

Suitable Accommodation to live in

Satisfy the English Language Requirement

Meet Entry Clearance requirements

TB Test for certain countries

Evidence of Subsisting Relationship

Meet Eligibility Requirements

What you must note is that these are not the only requirements and you must make sure that everything is followed correctly.

You might not know but the key areas which need to be looked at when preparing these applications are:

The Application Form – this is easy to navigate through we do not deny that!

The Appendix Form – not all types of applications need this but that is why we are here to advise you on it!

The Documents – a full list is provided based on your circumstances by us, not a cut and paste job.

The Immigration Rules – these are the big problem, they are not exactly clear which is why our Immigration Solicitors help you through this minefield!

The Policy Guidances – yes! these are often missed by people but we guide you through these also, it is the directions for caseworkers which do not form part of the rules that usually cause problems!

Spouse Visa Solicitors in Birmingham

At Apply for UK Visa we have years of experience in these types of applications.

Why not take a look at what some of our past clients have said about us?

So if you need the best Spouse Visa Solicitors in Birmingham you are in the right place, you can simply leave us a message here call us directly at our Birmingham Head Office on:

TEL: 0121 393 3911

MOB: 0785 393 4011

We are not difficult to find either, with a central location in Birmingham you can reach us from any methods of transportation, click here to see how you can get to us.



If you need to speak to an expert to help in your matter you should call us now, it costs nothing to call us as we are waiting to help you.

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