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India added to list of countries eligible for Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa in the UK

The Tier 5 points-based visa known as the Youth Mobility Scheme Visa is a route implemented by the UK government to allow individuals from the ages of 18-30, to enter the UK for up to 2 years allowing them to either work or simply reside in the UK.

India and Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa in the UK

The UK offer this visa to selected countries all over the world offering limited number of spaces for individuals to apply each year.

This T5 Youth Mobility Scheme allows applicants entry clearance to the UK for the duration of two years, however this route does not allow applicants to extend their visa and is not a route to settlement.

India and Iceland added to the T5 Youth Mobility Scheme

On 10 September 2021 the Home Office had published its statement of changes to the Immigration Rules, one of these changes being that both India and Iceland were countries which be added to the Youth Mobility Scheme.

The new statement of changes also states that there will be 3,000 places available each year for Indian nationals to apply via a lottery system, as well as 1,000 spaces open to nationals of Iceland.

Benefits of the Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa allows you:

  • Allows young individuals from ages 18-30 to explore the UK;

  • No need for a formal sponsorship when seeking work in the UK;

  • Allows an individual to reside in the UK for two years;

  • This visa allows individuals to switch into various other routes i.e. spouse visa and skilled worker visa;

  • This route does not specify that the individual needs to hold an English language test or meet any other academic requirements.

To qualify to apply for the Youth Mobility Visa there are a small number of requirements individuals are required to meet as the following.

Nationality and participating countries

If the individual falls within the age gap of 18 -30 the applicant is eligible to apply if they are a national of the following countries:

  • Australia – 30,000 places;

  • New Zealand – 13,000 places;

  • Canada – 5,000 places;

  • Japan – 1,000 places;

  • Monaco – 1,000 places;

  • Taiwan – 1,000 places;

  • Hong Kong – 1,000 places;

  • South Korea – 1,000 places;

  • San Marino – 1,000 places (individual must hold a certificate of sponsorship from their home country);

  • India – 3,000 places;

  • Iceland – 1,000 places;

In addition to the above the Home Office uses a lottery for individuals from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and India to register their interest and once accepted the Home Office will send the applicant their invitation to apply randomly.

The following individuals can also apply under the scheme, and these individuals are not subject to a limited number of spaces per year:

  • British overseas citizen;

  • British overseas territories citizen;

  • British national (overseas)

These individuals do not require any form of sponsorship.


Applicants must be over 18 and under the age of 31, individuals who are 17 are eligible to apply for the visa to obtain entry clearance into the UK on their 18th birthday.

Financial requirement & maintenance

Applicants must hold savings of £2,530 which are held in their account for a period of 28 days prior to submitting the application, upon arriving into the UK applicants are unable to access public funding.

In addition to the above individuals with children under the age of 18 who are either living with them or financially dependent upon them are unable to apply for this visa.

Furthermore, individuals who have previously obtained entry clearance based on the T5 Youth Mobility visa, are unable to reapply again for the visa.


Applicants are free to partake in all forms of employment, however have to comply with the following conditions:

  • No employment as a professional sportsperson, including sports coach;

  • Applicants are only eligible to work as doctors or dentist in training if they hold the relevant qualifications in the UK.

  • No self-employment, unless the following conditions ae met:

1) The applicant has no premises which they own, other than their home, from which they carry out their business;

2) The applicant has no salaried employees;

3) The total value of any equipment used in the business does not exceed £5,000.

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