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Seven-year Child Application - Further Leave to Remain

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Seven Year Child Application – Further Leave to Remain – Immigration Solicitors Birmingham

Our client had instructed us to assist him with his Leave to Remain Application on the basis of his two dependent children who are both nationals of Pakistan.

Seven year child applications for further leave to remain - Apply for UK Visa

He had initially found us after being recommended to us as one of the best Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham.

Our client had initially entered the UK after successfully obtaining a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Migrant Visa, he was in the UK with his wife and two children his as dependents.

When our client approached us he informed us that he wished to apply for an extension on his Tier 1 Entrepreneur Migrant Visa. After checking his documents it become clear that he did not meet the requirements and as such he was unable to apply under this route, his application would have been refused.

We then analysed our client’s personal situation and were able to provide him with a solution.

Seven-year child applications for further leave to remain

Our client was advised to apply for Further Leave to Remain on the basis of his two dependent children, as they has spent a considerable amount of time in the UK whilst our client was operating his business.

The children had spent 7 years continuously in the UK; they had enrolled into the education system, integrated into society and considered the UK as their home.

Our starting point was to look at Section 55 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009, and in particular the “Duty regarding the welfare of children”, which establishes an overriding obligation to have regard to the welfare of children.

When we filed our client’s application we applied the case of MA (Pakistan) [2016] EWCA Civ 705 that dealt with;

  • The best interest of child who have spent 7 years in the UK.

  • How to deal with these family members mentioned above.

Successful seven year route application by Apply for UK Visa - Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham

On the basis of our client’s two children and their private lives in the UK our client was granted Leave to Remain in the UK.

Following the Leave to Remain being granted our client has now gone on to successfully run his business without the restrictions placed upon him in the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Migrant Route.

The Home Office on this occasion requested additional information, which we provided with a detailed cover letter, and only a short time afterwards the Home Office granted our client further leave to remain in the UK.

In Seven Year Child Applications it is important that the Immigration Solicitors who are making this application look at everything in detail and advise you.

These types of cases all depend on what evidence we submit and it is important that when our immigration solicitors are looking at the facts of the case we are able to establish which points must be highlighted to the Home Office Caseworkers who deal with the seven year child route applications.

The current state of law is that the Home Office will look at more recent cases and the position does always change which is why if you need help in this type of application you should contact us at Apply for UK Visa so that our specialist immigration solicitors in Birmingham can guide you on your case.

We are an Immigration Solicitors Firm based in Birmingham City Centre but can accommodate meetings in Manchester and London.

We are easy to find and you can contact us by clicking here.

Seven Year Child Application – Further Leave to Remain – Immigration Solicitors Birmingham



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