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Success Story - Spouse Visa Application – Entry Clearance Application

Our client is a national of Egypt who is married to a British citizen that lives in the UK but had a complex issue in relation to the British citizen’s previous divorce in the UK and Egypt.

She had been struggling to find representatives that could help her explain her situation to the Entry Clearance Officer with ease.

Unfortunately for our client there was also a previous refusal on the basis that the divorce was not recognised in the UK for the sponsor (the British citizen) and the previous partner.

Our Solicitors at Apply for UK Visa helped our client by confirming through the Courts that the Divorce was valid and then helped her and her husband by informing them of which documents we will need for a smooth process for the application.

Success Story - Spouse Visa Application – Entry Clearance Application - Apply for UK Visa

Successful Spouse Visa Application by Apply for UK Visa – Immigration Solicitors

With years of experience in dealing with complex matters like this our firm was able to secure the Entry Clearance Visa for our client without any issues.

We made the whole process smooth for the client and ensured that at all stages our client and her husband in the UK understood what we are doing and why.

We initially ensured that the client was advised of the correct documents that she will need to provide with her visa application, this included even providing example employers letters for the sponsor and guidance on how to obtain a property report for her spouse visa.

We then prepared our client’s case and ensured that all of her documents and information was presented in her application form and that it is in accordance with the relevant parts of the immigration rules which are:

  • Section EC-P: Entry clearance as a partner

  • Section S-EC: Suitability-entry clearance

  • Section E-ECP: Eligibility for entry clearance as a partner

    • Relationship requirements

    • Financial requirements

    • English language requirement

As part of our work which the client instructed us on we prepared for her a detailed cover letter in which each part of the rules was referred to and the person who was dealing with the case at UK Visas and Immigration was made aware of how our client meets the rules for a spouse visa application under the Immigration Rules Appendix FM.

Following the completion of our client’s application we then ensured that all of her documents were correctly uploaded to the portal which in this case was the visa application centre in Egypt with TLSContact Cairo Visa Application Centre where our client only attended with her passport and application form copies, everything else was handled by us at Apply for UK Visa.

The Result - Entry Clearance as a Spouse of a British citizen

The client was granted Entry Clearance as a Spouse of a British citizen under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules.

She has now entered the UK and is continuing her family life and has already been advised by us on what she will need for her extension visa after the initial grant of entry clearance.

We take great pride in being the Best Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham and act for clients even if they are in a different country or city.

If you or someone you know needs an Immigration Solicitor who can help and guide with their spouse visa entry clearance application you can contact us for help now.



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