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Visit Visa Application Challenge - Immigration Solicitors Birmingham

Visit Visa Application Challenge – Immigration Solicitors Birmingham

Our client is an elderly lady who resided in Pakistan her entire life; she had instructed us to act for her in obtaining a visit visa to the UK to visit her son and husband.


Our client advised us that she had previously only visited the UK once in 2006 and after her short visit she left and resumed her life in Pakistan.

Since 2006 after she returned to her home country she made many applications to the Home Office and all of them were refused for different reasons on each occasion, when she approached us to help she had amassed refusals in 2008; 2010; 2012; 2014 and her last one in 2015.

After her last refusal she gave up and had accepted that she would never get to visit her family in the UK so never made any application.

When she informed us of her predicament we advised her on the requirements under Appendix V of the Immigration Rules and guided her on the documents and information, which she needed to provide to us to make her dream come true.

Our initial starting point was to file a fresh visit visa application where we knew due to our clients previous immigration history she would most likely be refused, but this was necessary in order to file the Pre-Action Letter Before Claim our client was made fully aware of this and was happy to proceed.

After filing the application with all the necessary evidence we were not at all surprised as to how badly the Entry Clearance Officer reached the decision to refuse the application.

As our client and ourselves were expecting this decision for several reasons, some of them included the previous history, the fact that she was unemployed and was reliant on the financial support that her son was providing from the UK, we were not at all surprised and looked forward to putting forward a challenge to the Home Office.

When preparing the Pre-Action Letter Before Claim (also known as a PAP) we referred to the visit visa guidance, which the Entry Clearance Officer ought to have followed when construction the decision, we also pointed out to the Immigration Rules for visitors and pointed out to the Entry Clearance Officer the obvious errors that were made in the decision.

We put our argument across to the Entry Clearance Officer and very clearly through our drafting pointed out that the decision maker had failed to apply the guidance correctly and failed to acknowledge the documentation and evidence submitted by our client.

Visit Visa Application Challenge – The Successful Outcome – Apply for UK Visa – Immigration Solicitors Birmingham

After a short wait we received the response that the decision was incorrect and were delighted to inform our client of the outcome in which the Entry Clearance accepted that there was a “material error” when our client’s application was reviewed.

Shortly after our client was invited to submit her passport to the VFS in Pakistan and received her visit visa after over 10 years of waiting.

Needless to say since then we have successfully applied and obtained a further visit visa for our client who is now happily visiting the UK and then returning to her home country.

If you find yourself in this situation where your family members’ visit visa applications keep getting refused for trivial reasons you should contact our firm for help as we pull out all stops to set the record straight with the Entry Clearance Officer to enable your family members to visit the UK. We have done this many times for clients as our reviews will confirm.

Should you need to contact us you can do so by clicking here.

Visit Visa Application Challenge – Immigration Solicitors Birmingham



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